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Our lives involve making plans and commitments, include responsibilities and goals for savings and investment.

Our most valuable asset is our Health and our potential to earn income and save for the future.

If we should suffer a Health setback or an injury that causes us to lose temporarily or permanently our ability to earn an income then our Lifestyle is seriously impacted.

The plan of our lives gives rise to the need to protect our Health and Income


This is a protection in the event of the loss of a life. A payment is made upon the death of the insured.

There are many reasons why Life Insurance is valuable, if the insured person has commitments such as a family and a mortgage then a payment on death can leave a freehold property and perhaps a surplus for the beneficiaries (e.g. spouse / partner / children) who are left behind to enable them to continue with their lifestyle.

Trauma Insurance This is allows for a lump sum payment if the insured suffers a major Trauma such as Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer, this payout allows for assistance with medical expenses, travel costs of family and other expenses such as paying for the mortgage while unable to work.


This is a regular monthly payment of an agreed sum in the event that the insured is unable to work and earn an income as a result of sickness or accident.

This is especially valuable where mortgage commitments need to be met regardless.


In the event of the death of a spouse or partner then a monthly payment is made to the remaining partner for the agreed period, which could be for 10 or more years or until the insured would have been 65 years.

This cover allows for the family to continue with their lifestyle. This is a very important cover especially where there are children still at home.


Peace of mind is essential for our good health; Private Health Insurance provides the opportunity of choice of medical treatment in non emergency situations.

When you have Private Health cover there is no need to wait for the Public System, you have choice of Hospital and Medical Practitioners.


We provide a full range of insurance covers for Homes and Contents including Rental Properties with cover for Landlord’s Protection. Vehicle, Boat and Travel insurance at competitive rates.

We undertake a comprehensive review on a regular basis with our clients to ensure that Covers are appropriate.

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These Insurance risks and covers are different from the personal insurance covers.

We work with Vero Insurance to provide a full coverage of Business Assets and Business Liability Insurances.


Many medium size businesses have key personnel who are not shareholders but are essential to the continued successful operation of the business.

If anything should happen to the health or life of these key people then a business could be impacted with serious consequences.

Key Person insurance provides protection in the event of this occurrence and assists the business financially to cope and to continue until the situation is resolved.


Most small businesses are dependent on a key shareholder, if anything should happen to this person the business continuity could be adversely affected. Insurance cover can be arranged to provide cover against this eventuality.

Most Business risks can be covered by insurance if they can be quantified.

Talk to us about your situation and let us design a Protection Cover to ensure Business continuity.