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We have a range of Mortgage offerings to suit the varied needs of our clients.

For salary and wages earners we can offer mortgages up to 90% lending against cost or valuation.

For self employed who can prove income through 2 years Accounts and Taxation returns similarly we can provide up to 90% lending.

For self employed without Accounts and Taxation returns we do have several Lenders who are willing to lend up to 80%.

For clients with an adverse credit history we have lenders who will consider lending up to 80% subject to proof of income and valuations

Where families are willing to assist, e.g. first home buyers, we can lend against a mixture of Parent’s home and first Home Buyer’s property to achieve a suitable lend up to 100%. Gifting of deposit from families is also a popular method of assisting First Home Buyers.


Lending for investment is often best in a structure that is tax effective such as a LTC (Look through Company), this type of structure enables various parties involved to claim tax losses in accordance with shareholding percentages.

Often equity accumulated in the Family home is utilised to provide a deposit for the purchase of a rental property.

We can consider re-financing of the Family home together with the purchase of a Rental property investment in our assessment for a mortgage application.

Lenders today are concerned with Cash flows so it is essential to prove incomes for the individuals involved as well as the Rental income for the property being purchased.

While Interest rates are at their lowest levels for many years the yield on rental properties is now approaching acceptable levels enabling borrowers to achieve cash flow positive or near neutral with a future prospect of capital gain albeit some years away.


Financing of Commercial buildings is dependent on Tenant quality and yields. Significant equity is required as lenders are only willing to assume a small amount of risk.


Financing of Business purchases or expansion are best undertaken in conjunction with equity in property. We have lenders who understand Business lending and are willing to participate.